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Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Our Journey

Clara Burger (left) and Sigrid Burger (right)

Clara and I are an identical twin that started this ceramic workshop in January 2017. We originally come from the Netherlands, where we attended many hours of art, on a Waldorf school. Our journey started in Camphill Community Clanabogan in 2016. We were fascinated by the concept of life sharing and impressed by the way Camphill defines the meaning of work in the already existing workshops. Our community had already a beautiful Wood-workshop, Weavery, Bakery and Farm where people with learning disability work.

The only thing that was missing was a Ceramic workshop...

Now, Clara and I thought... that it would be a pretty cool idea to start this journey with the help of experienced builders and the knowledge of a talented artist, to build a small workshop in an old barn next to our Wood-Workshop.

this picture will show you the first clay that arrived in our newly build space!

After a few month of hard work and trying out art projects, (what sometimes resulted in something quit special...) we opened the ceramic workshop to the villigers and started to explore the work with clay together.

“Each individual started to create their own style and felt that they were contributing towards the Community as the workshop became an essential part in their daily life.”

We started with just some afternoons in the week in which our artists could experience taste sessions. It was so nice to see that the amount of products started growing and that each individual developed their own style.

To let you know where we are now in our journey, I can only say, that it is definitely not the end!

There is work in progress every day, if you ar curious to see our journey and meet our artists, please don't feel afraid to pop-in for a visit!!

Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon <3


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